“Spirited” brings classic tale to new audiences

Shyla Rosenberger, Staff Writer

The new holiday movie, “Spirited,” is a film which holds strong to its title. The movie, written as a modern spin-off of the well-known classic, “A Christmas Carol,” truly embraces the holiday spirit through its jovial and exciting musical numbers.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrel, two incredibly talented actors whose skills flow well together to strengthen the musical comedy. It takes place mainly in Boston, where snow and city lights add to the whimsical holiday atmosphere. Overall, “Spirited” was full of snappy jokes and sarcastic humor, making it a comedic gem for those who enjoy a good laugh.

While it is evident that the positive qualities of this film heavily outweigh the negatives, the film does not come without fault. For example, its basis, “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, was a story that could be known and loved by people of all ages; “Spirited” contains some language that may prevent small children from getting to enjoy the exciting tale.

The film features the life of Clint Briggs (Reynolds), a man possibly worse than the horrible Ebinezer Scrooge from Dickens’ tale. Clint is full of selfishness and good conscience. Clint is targeted by the ghosts of Christmas past, present (Will Ferrel), and future. The film circles around the idea that even the most unredeemable and self-centered people can change for the better.

The vast majority of “Spirited,” directed by Sean Anders, was filled with excellent production and gave an energetic feel to viewers. Anders also directed movies such as “Instant Family” and “Daddy’s Home,” which demonstrate a slightly similar comedic style as “Spirited.”

In the end, one of the most important components of the movie is the music it contains. Songs such as “Good Afternoon,” and “Bringing Back Christmas” really engage audiences with their catchy tunes to remember; however, some other songs presented themselves as fillers, and did not come off with the same flair of passion. Although every musical number had excellently coordinated choreography, some songs seemed to just take up screen time rather than fulfill their true musical capabilities.

All in all, “Spirited” surprised many viewers by taking a creative path of its own, and distinguishing itself from the average holiday movie. It brings laughter and joy to the screen and is not afraid to shy away from traditional Christmas movie standards.

This movie is great for anyone ages twelve or older, but might not be appropriate for younger children due to its foul language and content. Overall, “Spirited” is a guaranteed laugh for teens and adults, and will surely bring a good time.