‘Eras Tour’ moment I’ll never soon forget


Lori Morgan-Staley / Staff Photo

Taylor Swift performs during a stop in Philadelphia for her “Eras Tour” at Lincoln Financial Field.

Lori Morgan-Staley, Staff Writer

The Philadelphia stop of Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” was at once 70,000 screaming fans and the opportunity of a lifetime. The crowd was filled with people’s blood, sweat, and tears after surviving a battle with Ticketmaster to get entry, and the event did not disappoint.

As “Miss Americana” and the “Heartbreak Prince” start to play, suddenly all of the strenuous work it took to be here was all worth it.

The Era’s tour has been long anticipated. Fellow fans have waited more than five years to get this opportunity, and to come together to share something we love in person.

Singer, songwriter, and icon Swift was born in Reading, so this eighth stop of the tour was a bit of a homecoming for the artist.

Being born almost an hour outside of Philly, Swift repeatedly remarked how fond she was revisiting her hometown. She has had many astonishing memories with her grandmother and other friends that she grew up with, so visiting Lincoln Financial Field was a memorable experience.

There’s truly nothing like a Philly concert with $375 parking passes and $8 dollar waters. Still, the thought of finally seeing a person that changed my life was truly jarring. Every time I looked around there was something eye-catching and appealing to see. Something that’s a guarantee to going to a Taylor Swift concert is seeing amazing outfits consisting of jewels, cowgirl boots, and pink dresses that resemble past eras from Swift.

As a Swifty, the adopted name of Swift fans, the fact that the concert took place on May 13 (Swift’s favorite number) only made the night so much more exciting to look forward to. Swift sang a total of 44 songs along with two surprise songs, and two openers during the memorable night.

I was so excited to see Swift’s face, so I didn’t even have the time to think about the debacle of parking or even the treacherous merch line. With these two challenges surprisingly going smoothly, the night began to go into play.

As the amazing night flowed through the air, Swift went through the 10 eras of her career. I went from screaming these lyrics in the car at 3 a.m., to actually singing with Taylor in person. I went through all the emotions as she played her albums. I went from a feeling of content to full on sobbing.

That’s how amazing Swift is.

With Swift’s music, it’s almost impossible to not feel everything at once. She took us through the stages of her life and offered a small glimpse of her imagination as well. Swift ended the night with beautiful fireworks and confetti falling down all around.

The best thing about Swift as well, is the amount of detail she always puts into her work. Even post Taylor-concert, I still find myself looking at videos of the tour and noticing the little things she adds to her performance that I never had noticed before. From her graceful dancers to her surprising songs, Swift truly knows how to put on a show.

Like Taylor Swift once said, “it feels like a perfect night, tonight’s the night when we forgot about our deadlines.” Wiser words have never been said, because going to a Swift concert felt exactly like that.

Suddenly it felt like the world was a mile away and the past was far behind us, and there was only now. 70,000 fans inside, and 20,000 fans outside. This has become a whole new peak to Swift’s career, and I can’t wait to watch her shine.