‘Asteroid City’ helps kick off summer movie season

Wes Anderson could have another classic to add to his library of films.


Staff Photo

An AMC movie theater is pictured as the industry prepares for the Summer Movie Season.

 Madison Downes, Assistant Editor

Wes Anderson, a well-renowned American filmmaker and director, returns with his new film, “Asteroid City,” coming to theaters officially on June 23 to help kick off the summer movie season.

The movie takes place in a fictional desert town in the year 1955. Students and parents from all around the country gather together at the “Junior Stargazer” convention held for a scholarly competition. The film covers classic themes of romance, comedy, drama, and science fiction.

Known for his ability to paint vibrant characters and visuals, Anderson has always been seen as a powerful artist. “Asteroid City” is an exciting movie to look forward to.

“The cinematic worlds of Wes Anderson are famously quaint. Pastel hues reign, and characters proclaim whimsically to their heart’s content. It’s a style heavily parodied, but never truly replicated by any other,” states GQ. Anderson’s art stands out and varies from the norm.

If you haven’t indulged in the world of Anderson before, consider gracing yourself with some of his older beautiful masterpieces before Anderson’s next film adds to his collection.