Mobile with Mario

‘Mario Kart Tour’ provides smart phone users a go-kart racing experience.


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Nintendo launched “Mario Kart Tour” as a mobile application on Sept. 25.

Alexa Alessandrini and Jeff Crosten

Everybody is a fan of “Mario Kart.” Whether it’s played on the Wii, Nintendo Switch, DS, or any other console, it is still enjoyable to hit your friend with a turtle shell or use Bullet Bill to soar past other players with ease.
Now you can play your favorite game anywhere.
On September 25, Nintendo launched “Mario Kart Tour,” a free, go-kart-racing style mobile application with numerous courses inspired by real-world cities in addition to classic Mario Kart courses. Every two weeks there is a new destination with different courses to play.
The release beats out “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp,” Nintendo’s previous most successful app, which had around 14 million downloads upon its first week of release.
Although the app is free, there are a few in-app purchases such as a $4.99 monthly subscription to unlock more characters and earn some additional rewards, and $19.99 to unlock Mario.
In terms of downloads, the game is off to a fantastic start. Additionally, the app has grossed $12 million so far, which is certainly impressive but not too crazy when considering how many people have downloaded the app. The app does offer free month trials, so the sales might see an increase in the near future.
After each race, you get a score. Your score determines rank and how you compare to others playing from around the world. To increase your score, it is important to try out different combinations of gliders, drivers, and karts. Also, don’t forget to practice. The higher score you get, the more in-game prizes you’ll receive at the end of the two-week tour.
The game is played similar to the old “Mario Kart.” Players can steer, drift, glide, break item boxes, and use power-ups easily.
But, unlike the old “Mario Kart” we all know and love, the new app allows players to level up their drivers, karts, and gliders.
On the negative side: drivers need to be unlocked in order to use them, you cannot play offline, there is no multiplayer mode to play with your friends, and the courses are switched every two weeks.
Although the app is somewhat different than how everyone is used to playing, “Mario Kart Tour” is still an enjoyable game for those who have always loved the original.