SF grads set for change

Students will all wear blue robes and sit together via alphabetical order.


File photo courtesy of Spring-Ford

Spring-Ford students sit for a graduation ceremony.

Marley Greenwood, Staff Writer

It’s out with the old and in with the new for the Spring-Ford graduation ceremony June 7. The entire Spring-Ford Class of 2023 will be wearing navy gowns to graduation, and they will now sit all together in alphabetical order.

These changes were announced during the 2021-2022 school year by Principal Dr. Robert Colyer.

This is the first year that Spring-Ford has made significant changes regarding attire and seating. Commencement Coordinator Danielle Blackledge said that it was a thoughtful process, and that it wasn’t a fast decision with changes introduced by student groups.

“Given the research, student participation and administrative support (we) will transition to one color cap and gown for all graduates starting with the 2023 commencement ceremony,” Colyer said in an email to parents last spring.

Many helped to make the decision, and the idea of switching to one gown color has been brought up for years.

The blue gowns give students the ability to wear whatever color they want underneath. White was harder for girls, as they could only wear white dresses underneath. This change may be beneficial to them, as they may have an easier time shopping or picking out something to wear.

With students wearing one color, it appears similar to a college graduation. Colleges all wear the same color gowns, and have done so for a while. Spring-Ford also hands out honor cords, like colleges do. This gown color change just takes Spring-Ford one step further to being like a college graduation.

“I mean I like it,” senior Sofia Nanji said. “I think it’s good to break down traditional gender norms and have people feel comfortable in what they wear.

“The seating is fine, it’s good to have everyone together.”

Nanji feels the changes have affected her view on graduation positively.

“Yeah I guess it made me feel more excited for it and happier that everyone is more comfortable, even if I wasn’t uncomfortable with it before, because other people were,” Nanji said.

The Class of 2023 will walk on June 7th, for the first time in all navy gowns and different seats. This graduation creates a movement that the coming classes will follow.