Who’s the better QB?: Foles or Wentz?


Photos courtesy of philadelphiaeagles.com

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (right) will try to get his first playoff victory this year after watching former teammate Nick Foles win a Super Bowl and a playoff round last year.

By Dean Costalas, Sports Editor

Even though our dearly beloved Saint Nick has left his proverbial temple for his new, horrifically humid home in Jacksonville, there was a time where the City of Brotherly Love had a lightly contested, underground debate that resonated through the minds of Eagles fans everywhere; when push comes to shove, Foles or Wentz?

Now there is no doubt, both quarterbacks are loved by the fans. Both have gifted the team with talent, success, and most importantly, a Super Bowl. But there is a definitive difference in the style, the swagger, and the success of either quarterback, factors that combine together differently in the two men. The real question is which quarterback the fans think would have fared best as the Birds permanent passer.

First off, there’s the Fantastic Mr. Foles.

Foles was selected 88th overall in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Eagles, with his first start coming later that season. After a shaky start to his 2013 season, he absolutely blew up with his record setting 7 touchdown passes in one game without any interceptions (he also threw more touchdowns than he did incompletions, earning him a perfect passer rating), with his performance earning him a Pro Bowl spot.

After being traded, he had a rough time in St. Louis as a backup and an even tougher time at Kansas City behind Alex Smith.

Once he returned to the Eagles, well, we all know that story.

The second-stringer carried his team to a Super Bowl Championship (the city’s first) after an insanely impressive performance during the NFC Championship game. And this past season, the playoff hopes were kept alive by some more Foles magic after a win against the Chicago Bears in the first round of the NFC Playoffs. Yet Foles faltered at many points in his career: most notably the beginning of the 2018-19 season, where his numbers greatly stumbled after such awesome stats were put up during the Super Bowl.

Now Wentz comes through, yet again.

Drafted 2nd overall, Wentz hoists more of a talent oriented argument. A young, athletic, and dynamic QB, he has proven his playmaking ability time and time again. His movement in the pocket, absolute cannon of an arm, and unparalleled awareness have all combined to form what was seen as an MVP caliber quarterback.

His country boy attitude has hailed him as one of the toughest QB’s in the NFL (need we remind you of him throwing a Touchdown immediately after tearing his ACL)? That attitude, coupled with a very impressive 2017-18 season preceding his aforementioned injury that included him leading the NFL in touchdowns as well as serving as the front runner for MVP, leads to a very compelling case as to him being the favorite for QB.

The only downside?

That ultimate athletic package has a twinge of durability issues, and had a rough reintegration back towards his starting job after his devastating ACL tear, followed by a minor back fracture that benched him for the remainder of the 2018-19 season.

The debates have gotten heated (at least the ones I’ve had), and both sides have their counterpoints. While Carson is the younger of the two, it’s only by a margin of 4 years. While Nick has produced, he has greatly faltered at times as well. It ultimately comes down to what someone prefers, results or talent.

One brought home the only championship the team has ever held, but was brought to that point on the back of an MVP season led by the other.

Foles has shined as both a team leader and an onfield threat, he lacks the awe-inspiring moves and grace that Carson packs. And while the Eagles have made their decision with their allowing Foles to leave for the Jags there will always be fans in Philly who still have a little more faith in Saint Nick.