Shooting Stars bonds students

By Bryn Borzillo, News Editor

Students all over our school district have been volunteering.

From the local library to food service drives, students in all grade levels have the opportunity to give back to their community, while simultaneously receiving service hours.

Shooting Stars, a program in which several Spring- Ford students participate, does more than just give back to the community, it brings individuals together. Every Wednesday, students with disabilities come together to play basketball, with volunteers beside them.

Inside the gym, every person is treated kindly, fairly, and the same. It allows people from all over the community to connect in ways that many are unable to experience in a lifetime. This group has become a family.

Starting in my ninth grade year, I have received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience this bond, and have my eyes opened to a unique world. I have not only come together to play basketball with classmates, but instead friends.

In each practice, the group starts with stretches, completing 10 at a time and when we finish, we do “10 more!” These stretches finish, and each of the volunteers partners up with a “star” to run several laps around the perimeter of the gym. Then, practice begins. Starting off with a warm-up, the partners begin by passing with one another, as volunteers accommodate as best as possible to the skillset of each Star.

The coaches assist in dribbling, starting off standing in place, and working each Star up to dribbling across the gymnasium. The completion of each practice changes, depending on the day, from relay races, to pick up games, and finally shooting a few baskets. All the while the atmosphere is light and fun, filling the room with laughter and talking.

Student volunteers from all grades and schools continue to come back each week, in an effort to be a part of this rare community and learn what it means to experience being involved in creating true friendships.
It would be beneficial for every student to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity.