Making an Impact

Spring-Ford teachers who made a difference honored by seniors before graduation.

History teacher Brad Seltzer poses with students during the Impact Awards.

By Sydnee Sherrick , Editor in Chief

It has been banquet season for Spring-Ford seniors these past few weeks. There have been the athletic, awards, honors, music, and last, but not least, the Impact Awards banquet.

This ceremony allows seniors to nominate a person associated with the school who has affected their time here in a positive way. Usually teachers, predominantly those that teach at the high school, are nominated, but others such as coaches, elementary school teachers, and personnel from WMCTC are chosen as well.

Over a hundred people were nominated with even more students attending to support those who have always supported them.

The students dine with their teachers and then the ceremony begins with those impacted going on stage to receive their award. After descending from the stage, pictures are taken with nominees and nominators.

The importance in this ceremony is that teachers are able to be acknowledged for all that they do, allowing a final memory to be shared with the Class of 2019 before they graduate and attend to their futures.