Athlete of the Issue: Olivia Olsen


Staff photo

Senior Olivia Olsen has excelled on the basketball and volleyball courts at Spring-Ford.

By Dean Costalas, Sports Editor

It’s not hard to see why the girls basketball team has been successful over the last few years. A strong team with strong players, a program that has a lasting legacy, and incredibly collected coaches are but a few reasons. There’s no doubt that Olivia Olsen has been a major factor in the success of the team. In fact, she is credited with the success of two teams, serving as a record-breaker in volleyball as well. This past season she broke the 1,000 kills mark, setting the school record with 1065 over the course of her career, while setting the single-season record with 389 kills. It also doesn’t hurt to mention her being named to the All Conference, League, and State Teams, as well as winning MVP for the 2018 season. We sat down and talked to “Liv” about her success on both courts, as well as in the world of academia.
Dean: We all know that you dominate both of your respective sports. Which one would you consider your First sport?
Olivia: Volleyball is my favorite, but I’ve played basketball my whole life so it’s a very close second. Volleyball just comes more naturally.
D: So you’d say you’re better at Volleyball?
O: Volleyball just comes easier I think. I just have a more natural sense for the game, whereas I’ve worked endless hours to be where I am for basketball.
D: Well, you hold two Spring-Ford records in volleyball, and most kids would be ecstatic to have just one. How’s that feel?
O: It’s pretty neat to see all of your hard work pay off into something so esteemed. I didn’t actively pursue these goals, they just happened to come along with the fun I’ve had in games. They were an added bonus to doing what I loved.
D: Now if any student went on Instagram in the second week of December, they they obviously saw that the team took a trip this season to Arizona. What did that accomplish for you guys as a program?
O: Along with competing nationally, we got to experience different culture. Some of the teams we played have D1 committed girls and gave you a different look than the usual PAC and surrounding area teams have. I think it gave us a chance to grow as a team, as well as individual players.
D: You’ve made the decision to play neither volleyball or basketball in college, to the objection and skepticism of many. What drove you to make that choice and what do you have to say to those people that criticize your decision and think you should’ve pursued athletics?
O: My whole life has been revolving around sports. I want to experience all of the other things life has to offer. I want to focus on school and get the opportunity to Co-Op and travel. I’ll still play club and rec sports just because that aspect of my life is still ingrained within me.
D: Last Question: You’ve had some pretty memorable moments during your tenure at Spring-Ford. What would you say is the best or most unforgettable memory playing?
O: As basic as it sounds, definitely the 1000 kills. It was the ideal moment. Senior Year, Dig Pink game, all my friends and family there to support, it was everything I could’ve dreamed of.
Olivia plans on taking her talents off of the court to any number of schools, with her top picks being Penn State, Georgia Tech, or Virginia Tech, where she is very excited to continue her academic career.