Preparing for the Next Step

Spring-Ford’s new course “Strategies for College Success” teaches students ways to succeed academically and socially at college.


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Spring-Ford teacher Desiree Keppler teaches the first-year course “Strategies for College Success,” which helps students prepare for life on a college campus.

By Deepak Kejariwal, Managing Editor

Are you feeling stressed about college? Applications are time-consuming and taxing enough, but what about once you actually get in?
Students often forget that college is more than just an application and neglect to prepare themselves for the college experience— both academically and socially. If you feel as if you need some advice about maintaining a healthy college life, then the course “Strategies for College Success” is perfect for you.
“The biggest thing is kids go into college with either too much confidence or not enough,” said the course’s teacher Desiree Keppler. “When they have too much confidence they miss the fact that there are certain aspects of college they are not yet proficient at.”
Keppler, a veteran teacher with 20 years of experience, said the course addresses academic topics such as time management, goal setting, test-taking strategies, and social aspects of college such as campus involvement and student diversity. Even if you feel you are ready for college, this course gives you tips about how to take full advantage of your resources as an undergraduate, thus setting yourself up for future success.
“ The frequent reading and writing assignments along with constant google classroom reminders really kept me on my toes and helped me stay on track with my own college applications,” student Caleb McLeod said. “The writing prompts and classroom environment provided a true college-like experience without being too taxing.”
Others expressed similar positive reviews.
This course is a dual credit class adapted from a college seminar at Montgomery County Community College. Students who take this class will have greater chances to transition more smoothly into college and feel more prepared.
“(I hope students use the) knowledge from this course to become flourishing individuals in all of their future educational and personal endeavors,” Keppler said.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Keppler at [email protected]