Black Friday Overrated?


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Shoppers flock to malls during Black Friday (left) and purchase items online during Cyber Monday.

By Jade Weller, Staff Writer

“Chaotic”, “anticipated”, and “overrated” are all words that relate to Black Friday sales.

Depending on your perspective, Black Friday may be the most beneficial day of the year or the most avoidable.

Every year Black Friday rests on the day after Thanksgiving and is known as the start of Christmas shopping for the year. On this day retailers offer significantly reduced prices in stores — video game bundles at nearly 40 percent lower, big-screen TVs at half the price, and designer clothes with affordable price tags.

Therefore, the combination of incredible deals and Christmas spirit establishes Black Friday as one of the most anticipated and chaotic days of the year.

Some may claim that Black Friday is one of the most overrated and avoidable days of the year. That’s understandable, but who would want to miss out on getting the best deals of the year?

A new day has started to supplant Black Friday in supremacy for shoppers, and that is Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is right after Black Friday with retailers offering additional massive deals  — the only difference is that shopping is online.

The reason people are so drawn to shopping on Cyber Monday for the best deals is that it eliminates the crazy long lines, chances of stores not having the product you want, rushing from store to store, and the overall chaotic atmosphere. Therefore, Cyber Monday gives people every reason to not want to shop on Black Friday.

However, Cyber Monday does not completely demolish the chaotic scene of Black Friday. Some may feel that Black Friday gives you a thrilling experience filled with strategy and excitement. Others may feel that Cyber Monday and Black Friday both complement each other in the sense of receiving double the deals.

I feel that Black Friday is more exciting because of the fast-paced atmosphere and race to get to the deals. Also, it is an event that brings my family together, which to me makes Black Friday more desirable than Cyber Monday.

In the end, it depends on your perspective, do you feel Black Friday is overrated?