‘Little Women’ takes stage

The focus is on family in the fall production


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Olivia Hungate (from left), as Beth, Erica Love, as Meg, and Lindsey Edwards, as Amy, run through dialogue.

By Shea McGinley, Entertainment Editor

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Kaitlyn Myers (from left), as Hannah, Gianna Carnevalino, as Mrs. March, and Nick Hyden, as Laurie, rehearse onstage Nov. 14.
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Emerson Mueller, as Aunt March, and Robbie Dittmar, as Mr. March, get into character.
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Lauren Dougherty, as Jo, (left) and Olivia Hungate, as Beth, prepare for the stage
production during rehearsals Nov. 14.

ll play at Spring-Ford is always an anticipated event for members of the community.

This year’s play, “Little Women,” related the story of the March family, who loves each other despite the many hardships they endure.

The family includes four sisters, Amy (Lindsey Edwards), Jo (Lauren Dougherty), Meg (Erica Love), and Beth (Olivia Hungate) March, as well as their mother, played by Gianna Carnevalino, and father, played by Robbie Dittmar.

“This version of Little Women is a feel-good story,” said Aimee Oblak, a teacher and the play’s director. “The family is just happy to have each other, a concept which is often lost in today’s fast-paced world.”

Also starring in “Little Women” was Kaitlyn Myers as Hannah, Emerson Mueller as Aunt March, Nick Hyden as Laurie, Nathaniel Warren as John Brooke, and Shawn Horwatt as Mr. Laurence.

After many years of theater here at Spring-Ford, every student still showcases unique and amazing talent.

“I am always very excited to see how my kids portray the characters on stage,” said Oblak. “That is one of the great things about directing theater; while the playwright has his/her idea of how each character should act, the actors really make the characters come alive.  We are very fortunate at Spring-Ford to have tremendously talented students.”

This year, the cast got more involved behind the scenes of the play.

“I want to compliment Erica Love who is student directing the show,” said Oblak. “She is learning the craft of directing and how to critically look at a scene and make the slightest changes to convey a message to the audience.  Lauren Dougherty is the student producer and is working with many behind the scenes tasks that need to be done. I really love watching students grow over the four years that they spend with me.”

The talented actors here at Spring-Ford worked hard to make this play fantastic. After all, this year’s play was chosen due to the belief that the students could truly make the story of “Little Women” come to life. Here’s to another great Spring-Ford play!

“Little Women” was seen on November 17 here at Spring-Ford.