Gym attire a uniform decision now

By Jessica Wosak, Staff Writer

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Just this year Spring-Ford has required gym uniforms for students in the 10-12 Center.

In years prior, hearing that gym uniforms would magically disappear from my life after ninth grade was exciting.

Going back to uniforms, however, is not all bad.

Gym teachers claim that gym uniforms raise morale during physical education because people tend to be less concerned about how they look for the rest of the day in sweaty clothing.

This is a valid point.

However, as times get colder and people begin to wear longer pants, the teachers continue to enforce that shorts be worn over leggings, which seems pretty unnecessary. It does not increase comfort whatsoever and feels like you are wearing four pairs of pants, which really takes away from the physical education experience.

This year’s sophomores were already used to the idea of gym uniforms given that ever since 7th grade there has been a constant recurrence of them. So, granted, it may not affect me as much as someone who has already experienced gym class without dragging extra clothes around school.

Many people do not expect to go outside during the school day, and even if they did the gym uniforms do not allow for much comfort in cold weather.

“I work out in leggings for 10-plus hours each week, and I can tell you I 100 percent work harder wearing them than shorts,”sophomore Abigail Calvert said. “Limiting my ability to wear the clothes I best perform in and then expecting improved performance and participation is silly.”

Students should come wearing athletic clothing that is comfortable and caters to their specific needs.

An athletics dress code should be established, but the need for a blue-and yellow t-shirt and shorts, especially if they need to go over sweatpants or leggings, is not necessary.