Spirit Week brings students together


Staff Photos

Juniors Lauren Ruffo (from left), Rachel Rutkowski, Meredith Ruckelshaus, Paige Rothenberger, and Nick Salvo pose for a photo prior to the Pep Rally.

By Amy Smith, Staff Writer

Let’s say you have transferred from a new school, you enter the building wondering what your first day at your new school is going to be like. But, as you walk through the hall, you notice everyone has tye-dyed clothing on. You watch in awe as everyone goes about their day as usual, but you cannot help but wonder why.

The next day, when you get off the bus, you see pairs and groups of people dressed alike as characters.

The day after that it looks more like the Fourth of July, rather than the beginning of autumn!

What is going on? Well, it is Spirit Week.

 “It’s fun,” Cooper Webb, a junior student at Spring-Ford said, “Everybody in the school gets involved; it brings us together.”

Spring-Ford High School partakes in a week long spectacle called Spirit Week from September 24th to 28th (usually it’s around the second week of October), which provides students with creative license to show off their school spirit. For many students and some teachers, Spirit Week gives them a chance to steer away from the norm and lets them express themselves in different ways. Whether it is solo, or as a group, students find various ways to be a part of the school community.

So, the question is, why do students love it so much? Why do people enjoy doing it every single year here at Spring-Ford?

“I just like being festive and having a lot of spirit,” Liam McFadden, another fellow junior student responded. “I like it cause everyone dresses up, everyone has fun.”

Many students enjoy it for the simple reason that they can dress up as anything and everything they want to (so long as it is appropriate). The occasion inspires creativity in students and faculty which brings the school together.