Officers eye Spirit Week safety


Staff Photo

A Spring-Ford school police vehicle is parked outside the 10-12 Center.

By Katie Sites, Staff Writer

On a normal day at the high school, Officer Gwendolyn Phillips has her hands full.

What happens when you add arguably the most hectic week to her plate? Her response may be unexpected.

Spring-Ford’s Spirit Week is a widely anticipated annual event that shows the true colors of the Spring-Ford students — literally. The week ended after a five-day whirlwind of activity with White/Blue/Gold Day on Friday, with many teachers and staff members likely taking a sigh of relief as they could now get back to a normal schedule.

After all, Spirit Week was the first five-day school week this year. That said, there are heightened responsibilities and precautions that are necessary for a smooth sailing week.

“We definitely give you guys a lot more leeway when it comes to how loud you are in the hallways, running in the hallways, [and] of course the dress code — we are not enforcing that this week,” Phillips said.

Phillips is typically happy with the outcome of Spirit Week, and she wants the week to be the most fun as possible while staying safe, of course.

Teachers commented that there was an email sent out at the beginning of the week asking them to keep an extra pair of eyes ready for any behavior that would not be tolerated.

Sophomore Molly Thomas thinks students should be able to bring their costumes to a whole new level.

“I think that we should be able to wear masks or full face makeup because it fully completes the costumes,” she said. “If need be, we can take them off to show who we are but banning them doesn’t make sense.”

From a student’s perspective, Homecoming is one of the best parts of the year. This is why Thomas disagrees with having tests during the week.

“If anything, we should have more fun during this week. Teachers should not test us because it is an unfair advantage to the grades because everyone isn’t thinking straight,” Thomas said.

Since Thomas still has two more years left in her high school career, there could always be changes that will make homecoming more enjoyable for the student body. But as of now, Phillips wants to leave some advice for the annual homecoming dance next year.

“Bring yourself a pair of flip flops because everyone runs around without their shoes on and it’s disgusting. That’s it! That’s my tip! Wear some damn shoes!”