Thank you, Spring City Elementary


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Spring-Ford ninth-graders Natalie Fuller and Mia Lattanzio are pictured together.

Mia Lattanzio, Assistant Editoir

Over the past month, I was lucky enough to return to my elementary school, Spring City, to tutor a group of the current students, and it has been incredible. I have been reminded of all of the great memories I made at that school — everything from meeting my closest friends to celebrating my home town’s 150th birthday — Spring City has given me the foundation for everything I have and will ever learn in both my life and education.

Since I left Spring City in 2018 a lot has changed. The school has grown exponentially in size, and with that growth came new teachers. Through all of the changes, the sense of community in the school has remained the same.  The best part of going to the smallest school in the district is everyone one knows you and you know everyone, something that you will not find here at the high school.

But even with all of the changes, I was still brought back to my elementary school days. It brought me back to when the school nurse, Mrs Santanglo, would fix any injury I managed to show up to her office with. It brought me back to sitting on the carpet as Mrs Johnson read us the Ramona and Beezus books. It brought me back to the s’mores makers assembled with Mrs Eaton and Mrs Krebs. It brought me back to the time that I decided to dress up in full colonial attire and recite the poem “The Shot Heard ’Round the World” for the talent show, like all 10 year olds do. It brought me back to the people I met and the friends I made while I was there.

Over the years, when people find out that I went to Spring City, I’m often asked what it was like being with the same group every year I was there?

The answer is simple, it was great.

Being with the same group of people throughout my elementary school years allowed me to build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Returning to the school also made me realize I am closer to graduating than I am my Spring City days, which is exciting yet terrifying. It has also made me realize how much I miss when I knew everyone’s name and everyone knew mine.

During my time back at Spring City, the “Growing with Spring City” project was announced by the School Board. This will add over 7,000 square feet to the school’s size and allow it to keep growing for years to come. I’m excited and grateful that the School Board decided to move forward with the project, because now the school is going to get the update it deserves so it can continue to serve Spring City Burough’s children. That said, it is also a bit sad knowing that, more likely than not, the next time I see the school it will look nothing like it does in my memories.

When I was at the Spring City, I didn’t know to appreciate what we had when we were there.

As I moved onto middle school, then 9th grade, and now as I am preparing to enter the 10-12 Center, my appreciation for Spring City grew because I realized I will never experience anything like the community there is at Spring City again.

When I walked back through the same doors I had gone through countless times and was met by the teachers that built the foundation for my entire education, it felt like I was coming home.

So as I look back, thank you Spring City. Thank you for everything you have done for me in the past and will continue to do in the future.