Rams Ready

Spring-Ford seniors celebrate college and career decisions together at Coach McNelly Stadium.


Staff Photo

Spring-Ford seniors Aditi Mangal, Tori Hilsmier, and Ana Mailey celebrate at Decision Day.

Madison Downes, Assistant Editor

Spring-Ford seniors gathered on the field of Coach McNelly Stadium in celebration of their futures April 28. Those who have decided which college they would like to attend after graduation, or which career they plan to pursue, joined staff members, parents, and peers for one of their last commemorations – Decision Day.

Decision Day recognizes seniors for all of their hard work throughout their high school career and allows them to celebrate their specific college or career decision.

Spring-Ford’s Decision Day started at approximately 9 a.m. and continued through 11. During this time, seniors indulged in numerous activities such as games, taking pictures with peers, and consuming delicious snacks to commemorate the nearing end of their high school careers as well as the journeys they plan to begin this summer.

Moving on past the comfortable atmosphere of the high school setting is nothing short of nerve-racking, especially when you are leaving a school as great as Spring-Ford.

“I’m so thankful that Spring-Ford gave me these last four unforgettable years,” said senior Ayushi Jain, who is moving on to attend Lehigh University this fall as she embarks on her journey after Spring-Ford.

However, with the melancholic undertones comes great excitement. Seniors have every aspect of their lives to look forward to and one way that celebrates seniors’ upcoming endeavors are events like Decision Day.

“It’s bittersweet to be moving on,” announced senior Tori Angiolillo, “but we have been waiting for this moment.”

Decision Day holds great significance in many seniors’  hearts as they reminisce about their high school days and look forward to their bright futures. They treasure these last moments at Spring-Ford before moving on in the world.

Decision Day 2023 was deemed a success as seniors looked back on their high school years and favorite memories while celebrating their bright futures and everything that is yet to come.