Homecoming Parade a success


Faye Schauder / Staff Photo

Spring-Ford nurses prepare for the Homecoming Parade.

Faye Schauder, Staff writer

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the weather is getting colder, and everyone is excited for the Homecoming Parade.

The Homecoming Parade brought together the local community, Spring-Ford students, staff, and alumni.

“People should go see the parade so they can get a chance to see what Spring-Ford has to offer and see how to get more involved,” Spring-Ford student Alisha Singh said, adding that she looks forward each year to seeing all of the clubs and groups come together to make her more aware of the community.

At noon on Oct. 22, the homecoming festivities began.

The parade moved through the streets of downtown Royersford and ended with a community picnic and football game, providing the opportunity for people to see all of the clubs and sports Spring-Ford students work hard in. This includes fall athletic teams, the marching band, student council, Interact Club, among others.

One of the more recent floats in the parade includes the Spring-Ford school nurses. Rachael Schauder, school nurse at Royersford Elementary, remembers being a part of the first float the nurses ever had. She recalls all of the nurses working diligently to create the giant heart out of tissue paper, coordinate music, make t-shirts, and of course, the candy.

“Seeing the Royersford parents and children cheer for us as the float went by (was the best part of the parade),” Schauder stated. “I think people were generally excited to see the nurses.” When asked what we can expect from the nurses this year, she was excited to say, “It’s going to be a really fun one.”

Hours of hard work is contributed for the parade in order to make it one that the community will both enjoy and benefit from. According to 9th Grade House Principal, Mr. Krakower, “Many volunteers from the Spring-Ford staff and administration” are necessary for the success of the parade, with its planning stages beginning as early as July.

The parade involves coordination not only with Spring-Ford staff and local organizations, but also with the local fire and police departments as well as EMS organizations. In addition, people give their efforts in the lead up to the parade, with collecting donations, a food drive, and the annual Powder Puff game.

“My favorite part of the parade is seeing everyone come together to put on an amazing event for our community,” Krakower commented.

The parade and Spirit Week allow for entertainment as well as much needed support for local organizations.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about clubs, support the school nurses, police and fire departments, listen to the marching band, or catch some candy, the Spring-Ford parade will not disappoint.