Students discuss Ukraine

Spring-Ford classrooms, clubs learn more about diplomacy, global events in discussing the war.

Ethan Warble, Staff Writer

On Feb. 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, stirring up attention from world leaders globally. The war has resulted in massive casualties and damage to Ukraine infrastructure, such as schools, places of worship, hospitals, and daycares, all being destroyed by Russian explosives. The Russian-Ukrainian war began 7 months ago yet is still currently ongoing.

The war has been on the minds of millions around the world, including those at Spring-Ford High School.

Students have discussed the war within their history and government courses throughout this year and will continue to do so, even debating solutions for the war at the 2022 Model Senate on The Foreign Relations Committee. It’s an all day event in Philadelphia, occurring on Dec. 6, 7 and 18. Currently in Spring-Ford there are 7 students that are registered to attend.

According to the event’s website, “Students will examine, from the perspective of U.S. Senators and expert witnesses, the investigation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and assess an appropriate U.S. response.”

Spring-Ford Model United Nations advisor, Rachelle Hafer, is eager for students to gain perspective and experience in discussing global issues.

“Participating in this summit allows students to be active problem solvers and global citizens,” Hafer said. “It allows them to develop their awareness of global issues and how conflicts affect all countries.”

Furthermore, history teachers Adrian Frain and Tara Talley have utilized the events in Ukraine multiple times throughout the year for teaching world events.

“We try to connect it to what we are talking about in class to help give the students perspective,” stated Frain. “I feel that it has made students more aware of what is going on with the rest of the world. They seem more interested in keeping up with current events because they realize how important it is and how it can impact their life.”

Why has Russia gone to war with Ukraine in the first place? It’s pretty simple: Control.

This conflict between Russia and Ukraine isn’t a new thing. Conflicts between Russia and Ukraine have been brewing for decades, mostly after Ukraine became independent from Russia in 1991 and declared themselves neutral in world affairs. It just took Russia mobilizing thousands of troops in March 2021, that they were able to attack on surprise.

Ukraine is the second largest European country after Russia. Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia since 2012, has expressed that Ukraine and Russian people are one, and that Ukraine needs to surrender the land back to Russia so that the countries can reunite.

Refugees from the region are among the most important issues resulting from the war. From families being ripped apart, to children losing parents, to a host of a lot of terrible realities.

There are many charities out there that are raising money for such refugees. Other organizations are working to reunite families together after they’ve been separated. All of which have been getting an influx of support and money from people around the world wanting to support.