Great Outdoors

Spring-Ford hosts second outdoor Pep Rally during Spirit Week.


Staff Photo

Spring-Ford students in grades 12 through ninth gather on the home side of Coach McNelly Stadium for the second annual outdoor Pep Rally.

Ramona Shekhar, Editor-in-Chief

The Spring-Ford Pep Rally is a traditional Homecoming event where students come together to support our sports teams and celebrate school pride after participating in an exhilarating Spirit Week.

For the last two consecutive years, the high school held the pep rally outdoors in the football stadium, a custom that will most likely continue as the years progress and more students attend Spring-Ford.

Students had the opportunity to see the entertaining flock of cheerleaders and Powder-Puff performances, an amusing stunt which was then followed by the jazz band, who did a phenomenal job playing in tune to the music and keeping the students in pace with our school’s songs and chants.

Moreover, the Pep Rally acknowledged the athletic achievements of sports teams, beginning with the Spring-Ford girls tennis team who secured their fourth PAC championship against Pottstown with a 7-0 win. Additionally, the boy’s cross country team won their 2022 PAC title while the field hockey team advanced to PAC championships.

Furthermore, the freshmen made an impressive feat against the sophomores and the juniors, making them the ultimate class champions of the fan-favorite tug-of-war games.