‘Bob’s Burgers’ hits big screen

Sarah Wilkes, Staff Writer

After 12 seasons and 237 episodes, “Bob’s Burgers” hit the big screen in its premier “The Bob’s Burger Movie” on May 27, debuting with a an 86 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes website
Expected to be in a similar format to the 2007 “The Simpsons Movie,” the film takes place with the show’s normal cast taking on an out-of-show adventure.

The biggest question is, if so similar to “The Simpsons Movie,” will it get the same response? The show turned movie is supposed to be based off a sinkhole opening up outside the Belcher’s family owned burger shop, Bob’s Burgers, because of a ruptured water main.

The movie follows the Belcher’s, as well as returning side characters popping in, such as Teddy, Felix, Mr. Frond, and multiple other characters.

The film, although a rendition of the show, does not require viewers to be up to date on the show’s storylines. Still, here’s some information on the main family to bring you up to speed:

Bob Belcher

Bob is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. He is the father and owner of Bob’s Burgers. Mainly known for his bad luck and poor management, he always puts his family first and tries his best to have the best outcome for his business and family.

Linda Belcher

Linda is the mom of the Belchers. She is a very optimistic character who is often singing anything and everything. Linda is voiced by John Roberts. She loves a good joke and cares about her family more than anything.

Tina Belcher

Played by Dan Mintz, she is the oldest daughter of Bob and Linda. She is 13 at the time this movie will premier and in eighth grade. Awkward yet lovable, she is labeled the quirky nerd character of the show.

Gene Belcher

Gene is an 11-year-old middle child of the Belchers, played by Eugene Mirman. He is the only boy and is most definable by his strange personality. He is an aspiring musician and prankster. He helps the family business by working as a server.

Louis Belcher

Kristen Schall plays Louis, who is nine. She is the youngest of the siblings, only in fourth grade, but has the strongest personality, arguably, of the family. She thrives off of conflict and dark humor for her age. She is usually the reason the family finds themselves in a situation, but as well often the reason they get out.

As well as getting acquainted with the family, it may be smart to understand the running gags of the show so you don’t miss any little easter eggs:

Burger of the day

Each new day in the series a new burger is released on a board near the front of the store behind the cash register. These burgers are based off of puns and wordplay. Bob and Linda are the ones who write them, Bob’s being more family friendly, whereas Linda’s are often a bit more suggestive and spicy. These speciality burgers are almost always $5.95.

The store next door

The Store next Door is the storefront next to Bob’s Burgers on the opposite side from Mort’s It’s Your Funeral Home & Crematorium. This storefront also features clever word play, but unlike the Belchers’ long-time steady neighbor Mort, it is a revolving door of businesses, temporarily the sign is crudely painted on a cloth banner. A different business is shown to occupy this storefront in every episode.

Pest Control truck

During the opening sequence of every episode. Between the Grand Re-Opening, and the Grand Re-Re-Opening, a truck pulls up in front of Bob’s Burgers accompanied by numerous raccoons, squirrels, rats, and snakes. Similar to the Store Next Door, the truck features clever word play – often in the form of a pun.