Decision Day

Spring-Ford seniors celebrate college decisions at Coach McNelly Stadium.


Photo courtesy of Spring-Ford

Spring-Ford senior Maggie Ackerman celebrates her college decision with family members during Decision Day.

Jade Weller, Opinion Editor

Spring-Ford held its annual Decision Day on April 29, where seniors had the opportunity to celebrate their plans after high school.

In the morning, graduating seniors and their families gathered at the Spring-Ford Coach McNelly Stadium and wore attire that displayed their upcoming plans. Whether these plans included college, trade school, the workforce, or the military, all graduating seniors were welcomed to the event.

The stadium was decorated with an array of balloons, banners, and games. The splashes of blue and gold, along with the mixture of school spirit shown by students, allowed for a feeling of unity among the senior class of 2022. Excited for the day, students took advantage of taking pictures with their families and friends at picture booths set up on all four corners of the field. These picture booths contained fun props and displayed Spring-Ford spirit in order for students to make long-lasting memories.

The event had a variety of snacks available for students and their families, along with the opportunity to pick up graduating yard signs. Furthermore, a senior class photo was taken, and then additional pictures of students with similar plans were taken on the bleachers altogether.

Since COVID-19 impacted the former school year heavily and altered the annual Decision Day for seniors last year, there was some skepticism surrounding many events that were to come. Reaching normalcy was crucial to many students and staff, especially seniors who were experiencing their last year at Spring-Ford.

“Going to the McNelly stadium and seeing so many students and parents on the field was really exciting,” senior Matt Mogel said. “It finally felt like things were back to normal since the pandemic, and everyone really seemed to have a great time overall.”

Decision Day is one of the most important events for seniors, as it allows them to celebrate their accomplishments and futures. To many, this day is something to look forward to, and the pandemic made many students wary as to whether or not events such as Decision Day were to transpire. Not only this year’s seniors, but many underclassmen students had their concerns regarding the level of normalcy they will experience during their future senior year.

“Seeing how normal Decision Day was for seniors brings a lot of hope to us underclassmen students,” junior Paul Newlin said. “There is always some fear in the back of our minds when it comes to senior year because you never know if the pandemic rises again and wipes many of the exciting events away as it did to the 2020 class”

“It’s just nice to know that our upcoming senior year will be normal.”

Overall, Decision Day was not only a success for many seniors when celebrating their own plans, but it gave hope to other underclassmen students that more normalcy in the future is to come.