Lifetime of Service

Longtime SF principal Dr. Tina Weidenbaugh set to retire after 37 years as an educator.


File photo courtesy of Spring Ford

Dr. Tina Weidenbaugh will retire this month after serving as a principal for many years at Spring-Ford, most recently as principal of the 9th Grade Center.

Cassandra Dryburgh, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever visited the Ninth Grade Center, you’ve definitely had some sort of interaction with Dr. Tina Weidenbaugh.

The principal is often exchanging friendly words with students and teachers, checking in on classrooms, and generally making sure things run smoothly.

After an impressively extensive career at Spring-Ford, Weidenbaugh is retiring at the end of this year. All of the hard work she’s put into our schools — over the past 37 years — shows her dedication.

Weidenbaugh originally went to college with plans to go into the medical field, as she had always wanted to do something that would serve her community and directly help people. Eventually, though, she realized that this was not for her, and she set out to find what career path would best suit her interests.

Weidenbaugh credits her parents with helping her explore other options, and soon arrived on education.

“I switched majors in my second year, and I honestly never turned back,” she said.

Four years later, Weidenbaugh graduated from Kutztown University and started her career at Spring-Ford as an teacher at Limerick Elementary. Since then, she’s worked at almost all of the buildings at Spring-Ford, and also got her administrative degree from Villanova Universityh as well as her doctorate from Immaculata University in 2006. She was the principal at the Seventh Grade Center after it was first built, getting it up and running.

Weidenbaugh has had a long career at Spring-Ford, working different positions and has years of experience. Through it all, the best experiences have been working with students.

“I’ve worked at all levels, and the thing that I’ve enjoyed the most is that every level brings the students unique experiences… I’ve enjoyed it all,” she said, detailing how helping students through different stages of their educational journey has been incredibly rewarding for her.

About being a high school principal, she specifically talked about how she likes that she gets to help guide students to a career path. Helping students find out what they’re passionate about and where their talents lie has been one of Weidenbaugh’s priorities.

“I think all students have a talent and a gift, and helping find what that is and how to contribute in some way to society, to themselves, to their family, that’s how I view my role as an educator,” Weidenbaugh said.

Her dedication to her job and the Spring-Ford community is clear.

When asked about her future plans, Weidenbaugh emphasizes how she wants to make the most of the days she still has at her job.

“We need to enjoy every day, right?” said Weidenbaugh. “Instead of looking ahead, for me it’s about what is great today,.”

Weidenbaugh isn’t counting down the days until she’s done but rather making each day she still has count. She has certainly left her mark on Spring-Ford, with all the years of hard work she has put into this district.

She is also quick to point out those who worked with her along the way.

“I always say our work is undone, and the future of our students are in the hands of our teachers,” Weidenbaugh said. “And they do a great job working with kids. I know I have faith in their abilities, and in their work, and in their dedication as professionals.”

Weidenbaugh hopes she has left a positive impact on this school district, as well as the many students she has guided throughout her career. Despite her immense appreciation and passion for her job, she is also excited for the next stage of her life, particularly traveling, and having the opportunity to see and experience new places.

Weidenbaugh also cites charity work as something she looks forward to having more time to do. She values contributing to her community, and says she is excited to continue doing that past her job.

As a show of gratitude for her hard work, the Class of 2022 yearbook dedicated the issue to her.

“I’m grateful. I’m really and truly humbled, because it’s a great honor,” Weidenbaugh said. “To serve in the district has always been a great honor.
“To have (the yearbook) be dedicated to you, I don’t have words to describe it.”