SF honors Badway with memorial

Beloved teacher remembered for inspiring students in emotional dedication ceremony.


Staff Photo

A memorial for teacher Dan Badway stands at the Technology and Engineering Education display in the 10-12 Center.

Jocelyn Wright, Entertainment Editor

STEM instructor and mathematics teacher Dan Badway passed away just prior to the beginning of the school year. A teacher, coworker, and friend to many, he will certainly be missed. In his honor a memorial sign was placed above the Tech Ed display cases and accompanied by an emotional dedication May 6.

Tears were aplenty as friends and family came to say goodbye to Badway, a member of the Technology and Engineering Department. The event was somber but hopeful, knowing his memory will live on to inspire all students who walk these halls.

“(Dan) connected with students, and the students connected with Dan. There’s no doubt Dan is the reason we have so many graduates pursuing engineering in college and professionally,” said Dr. Robert Colyer, Spring-Ford 10-12 Center Principal.

Badway taught math and engineering courses at the Ninth and 10-12 Center and impacted so many students. He encouraged his students to “Live to Learn, Learn to Live.”

A scholarship has been created in his name, perpetuating his legacy as a teacher and a mentor.