Grad Gratitude

Students honor those at SF who impacted their education.


Staff Photo

Computer Science teacher Jeramie Iannelli (center) takes a photo with students who nominated him for an Impact Award. .

Jackie Vickery, Editor-in-Chief

Spring-Ford is known for having the greatest and most influential staff, and I want to thank all the staff in the Spring-Ford school district for making a long lasting impact on all students.

The Impact Award Ceremony was held May 4 at the 10-12 grade building. Students were greeted by the staff member they impacted and all the other students attending the event. The beginning of the night was treated as a social hour, an opportunity to chat and take some photos with the staff and students.

As the night proceeded, we all congregated into the auditorium for the ceremony itself. It was quite delightful to witness the smiles on the faces of the students and staff.

Spring-Ford 10-12 Center Principal Dr. Robert Colyer and 12th Grade House Principal David Krakower began the ceremony thanking the staff for being able to attend the ceremony and for being such strong influential sources in their students’ lives.

Jeramie Iannelli, computer science and algebra teacher, was one of the teachers impacted. Speaking from experience, considering I was a former student of his, Iannelli strives to make a strong connection with all students. He recognizes high school can be a difficult environment for some, but he teaches those students these are developmental years, and the lessons you learn will be applicable in their future.

“He didn’t only teach me algebra, but he taught me life too,” senior Emma Galat said of her nomination of Iannelli. “He taught me how to deal with life’s stressors and how to cope with all of it”

Galati is not the only student who deems Iannelli at this high of a regard, for he made a strong impact on numerous students.

Many other staff members were impacted at the event, from elementary school teachers, to middle school teachers, to high school teachers, to guidance counselors, to the nursing staff, and to even teachers that have retired.

Another teacher that was impacted was English 10 teacher Linda Valloor.

Regarding Mrs. Valloor, I feel like it is important to note: throughout my entire 18 years of living, she is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met.

Her acceptance, appreciation of art, and optimism gives all of her students a new perspective. She reminds students to focus on what’s really important — you.

“Some advice Mrs. Valloor said that will always stick with me ‘Always remember, you have the pen,” senior Alexa Bing said. “You get to write the story however you please. Don’t hold yourself to unrealistic expectations and give yourself time and space to breathe.’”

Many other staff members were impacted and I would like to praise and congratulate them all for their extraordinary dedication, persistence, patience, and overall optimism for ensuring that their students feel appreciated and prepared.

Thank you Spring-Ford staff. We appreciate you all and the lessons and leadership you provided us.