Saying goodbye, thanks to RCTV


Staff Photo

RCTV club members pose for a photo with advisor Cheryl Murgia (center).

Julia McGuigan, Staff Writer

The community at Spring-Ford is a large one. The magnitude of people sometimes makes it difficult to find the place you feel comfortable in and where you can grow.

That is why finding a club or organization within the district can change your life, like it did for me.

I signed up for Broadcasting Minor halfway through freshman year to fill my schedule, and I had no idea that it would be the most important decision I would make. I was more reserved and didn’t know most people in my class, but I sat in broadcast teacher Cheryl Murgia poster-filled room and learned about things that sparked my interest in a way nothing else did.

Although life came along and did what it always does — namely changes just when you’re comfortable — I still enjoyed class over quarantine and began to take the Broadcasting Major I course junior year. We moved to in-person school, and I began to recognize just how motivated I was in the field. I moved into my senior year and into the second year of Broadcasting Major and participated in RCTV.

The RCTV community is an embracing one that covers any and all events in the community, not just Spring-Ford. I usually kept to myself, did some events after school, and attended dance classes at my studio, but being involved in RCTV opened my eyes to everything that goes on and links our community together.

Not only was I learning about live production in sports games and events like parades, I was learning about the different things in the area and new people I had never met before. This exposure made me more comfortable with the camera around large groups of people and also helped me be more confident.

The transformation I went through throughout high school is mainly the result of broadcasting and the opportunities I had from it.

We prepare time capsules in class for seniors to receive 10 years in the future that can be filled with images, videos, and past projects. I looked back on old projects and didn’t realize how much I came into my own over the last three years.

The fast-approaching end to the school year and of high school makes many reflect on their time and favorite memories, and I’m no different. I tried putting off the end of the year to keep it out of mind, hopefully to postpone it if possible, but it’s approaching nonetheless and it does bring with it a sense of gratitude for everything learned and experienced in this time.

RCTV and Broadcasting are examples of the growth someone can go through in high school that can lead them on the path for their future.

I decided to go into film production studies in college and I would not have done that without “Murg” and her class, I also would not have done it if I hadn’t gathered the confidence in myself that I have developed.

I’m grateful for Broadcasting and the environment it surrounded me with. As the number of school days nears zero, I count the numerous memories that got me to this point and that have put me on a path for my future.