Hockey players, fans return to the ice


Sophie Stair / Staff Photo

The Spring-Ford hockey team returned to the ice this past winter.

Sophie Stair, Staff Writer

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and 2020-2021 school year, students adapted to changes revolving around their everyday lives. Activities as simple as sitting next to a friend at lunch or having a homecoming dance were taken away at the blink of an eye.
Another unpopular change for students was the loss of the student section at home games amid COVID-19 precautions.

Spring-Ford has always had a strong and proud student section, and Ram Pride has always been important to our community.

In the fall, students, parents, and anyone in their community were allowed to return to Coach McNelly Stadium to cheer on the Rams’ beloved football team in full. Every Friday night home game, the stands were filled with people grateful to be given back a simple thing that was lost.

Football season came to an end, and student fans raced from McNelly Stadium to Oaks Center Ice – home of the Ram’s hockey team where Spring-Ford’s student section is never doubted to be any less than completely full.

Spring-Ford’s biggest rival has always been Perk Valley, so there is no doubt that those games have always drawn in the biggest, loudest crowds. These games are always the most anticipated of the year, and fans are often turned away at the door because rink capacity has already doubled.

Spring-Ford defeated Perk Valley in a 5-4 overtime thriller in this season’s annual Thanksgiving Eve Classic. Perk Valley was up 3-1 at the end of the second period, but Spring-Ford was able to tie the game with goals by Zachary Neild, Gavin Tarity, and Justin Kratz.

Going 4-4 into overtime, Tucker Miller scored the game-winning goal just 25 seconds into the extra session as the fans roared.

It was the first big rivalry game back in the stands for SF hockey fans since Spring-Ford’s loss to Perk Valley in the PAC Championships back in February of 2020.
Tarity, Neild, Kratz, and Tucker were celebrated at Oaks Center Ice during Spring-Ford’s senior night before a home game against Ridley.

The Rams ended their season with a 6-6 record.

Next season is already looking bright, with underclassmen stars ready to take the lead and make a name for themselves. Future leaders for the Rams, junior Ryan Debro and sophomore Hayden Wedemeyer, will be counted on by the Spring-Ford hockey community next year.

Soon enough, the student section will be back at Oaks and fans will be louder than ever.