‘Cinderella’ Story

Spring-Ford theater put on a memorable performance for audiences of all ages of the timeless folk tale classic.


Photo courtesy of Katherine Moretz

Katie Moretz, as Cinderella, and Brendan MacCoy, as Prince Charming, meet in the Spring-Ford Theater production of “Cinderella.”

Dom Raimondi, Staff Writer

Spring-Ford has performed many exciting and unique plays in the past, and their fall performance of “Cinderella” is no exception.

A dedicated cast and crew worked hard to bring the show to life, and they’ve all become well-acquainted with each other.

“I am very satisfied with who was chosen,” crew member Clark Condren said. “They all act well and are great to work with.”

“Cinderella,” a children’s production, told the story of the well-known folk tale with Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother, the Stepmother, and Prince Charming in starring roles.

“Every few years we like to change things up and perform a children’s play,” director Jacqueline Lippincott said.

Initial auditions for “Cinderella” were held Sept. 9. Lippincott believes that leadership skills and dedication are crucial when choosing a member of a cast or crew.

This musical was one of the district’s most exciting yet. The cast and crew worked hard to deliver a memorable show.

A large amount of coordination between cast and crew members is required to find success when performing a play. These shows also take up lots of time and energy. Despite this, the team behind “Cinderella” ran into little-to-no hurdles and the production went very well.

“It’s been mostly smooth,” said Lippincott a few weeks before opening night.

The play included audience interaction, which gave it a unique appeal.

Colby Gleason, who plays the role of Pierre, believes that the audience is a very important aspect of a play.

“Getting all the energy from the audience is really what brings musicals together,” said Gleason, who has previously performed in four shows for Spring-Ford. He believes that the cast of “Cinderella” is the play’s strongest element. “We have lots of talented actors who’ve performed in a lot of stuff even out of Spring-Ford.”

Katie Moretz starred as Cinderella, with Katherine Black played the role of Fairy Godmother. Avery Bell played the Stepmother, and Allison Lewis and Tiffany Nguyen were the Stepsisters. Brendan MacCoy played Prince Charming.

Condren worked on his first show for Spring-Ford as a member of stage crew.

“I wanted to get involved with the play without actually being on stage,” said Condren. “This way I won’t have to act and still continue to help the show in some manner.”

Along with other crew members, Condren is tasked with constructing and moving the set of the play.
“On Saturdays, we come to the school to put the pieces together and paint them,” he said. “We also move the pieces, curtains, and props on and off stage for the actual show.”

Spring-Ford’s production of Cinderella debuted Nov. 11 with a faculty show followed by two more stellar performances over the weekend.