Happy Homecoming

Dance returns to Spring-Ford as outdoor event in stadium


Jackie Vickery / Staff Photo

From left, Rebekah Blessing, Payton Dotts, Haley Strunk, and Claire Heywood attend the Spring-Ford Homecoming Dance.

Kelly Czapor, Staff Writer

After about a year of having little opportunities for student interaction and participation in school events, Homecoming returned to Spring-Ford.

The Homecoming Semi-Formal Dance was held Oct. 23 on the turf field inside Coach McNelly Stadium. The event was the first Homecoming dance for both ninth- and 10-graders and the seniors’ final Homecoming.

“It was really important to have a dance this year for students,” said Morgan Godfrey, a Pep Club officer. “With all the missing traditions, getting back to Homecoming is more important than ever.”
Organizers scheduled the dance for all four grades outside on the turf, taking on an “under the stars” theme. Students gathered there the evening after the Homecoming football game.

The choice to hold the dance outside was made with COVID-19 safety measures in mind.

Administrators emphasized student safety regarding the pandemic throughout all Homecoming festivities, and the dance proved no different. Like the Pep Rally, holding the Homecoming Semi-Formal outside was the best choice to ensure the same fun while staying safe.

“I’m excited, but since it’s so different it’s hard to be prepared for,” Senior Julia McGuigan said before the event.

At first, many students were skeptical about the dance hosting all four grades and concerned about the cool October weather. Students were anxious to see how the night would unfold compared to past years but still eager to participate.

“I liked the dance,” said Riley Czapor. “I enjoyed being able to socialize with my friends.”

Despite concerns, the night turned out to be a success as students of all grades enjoyed the dance and were grateful to have a sense of normality for this school year. Drinks and snacks were provided as well as music, lights, and a fog machine. Masks were optional for the event, though in addition to sneakers instead of heels, sweatshirts, and jackets, some students elected to add face coverings to their ensembles.

The presence of COVID-19 brought a lot of changes to school events the past two years. Student safety is always considered a priority, which means in order to return to a sense of normalcy some things may be different.

The dance may have looked different than previous years, but students till brought their same enthusiasm to the Homecoming Semi-Formal, making it a successful event.