High School Reunion

Preschool friends, reunited as Rampage writers in the ninth grade, reflect on their journey to Spring-Ford, the year as editors, and the next step.

Rampage Editors -in-Chief Bryn Borzillo, left, and Katie O’Callaghan, right, are pictured recently.

Preschool is a fundamental part of everyone’s childhood. It is where you form your first interests, get your first “education,” and make your first friends. In the experience of many, these friendships start and end in the bounds of the preschool classroom.

We thought that would be the case as well at the time, and yet in high school that all changed. Going our separate ways in elementary school, attending Royersford and Limerick Elementary, respectively, we soon lost touch. Throughout middle school that distance remained, and yet in high school we were offered the chance to reconnect.

Entering a school newspaper meeting our freshman year of high school at Spring-Ford, we immediately recognized each other among the students huddled within the classroom.
Time has the ability to pass by in what feels to be a blink of an eye, and oftentimes within those years we become versions of ourselves that are unrecognizable.

This was not the chance with us.

Although so much time had passed, it was as though life went on pause, and then resumed in our reunion. We had the connection still and while it changed from playing pretend and Barbies to journalism, it was still unbreakable.

During our first year on Rampage, we were the only two freshmen in our class in the club, so we were joined at the hip. Going into the 10-12 building for the first time trying to find where Rampage meetings were held was overwhelming, to say the least. We also struggled with feeling confident when everyone around us was older, and had more experience.

However, we had each other and our amazing chief editors to thank for making us feel like we played a vital role in the paper.

Each year our experience with the paper grew. We moved into editor positions of our own, running sections of the Rampage throughout our sophomore and junior years. As the club itself grew, so did our role in the newspaper.

Senior year, we moved into editor-in-chief positions.

We had finally reached the position we dreamed of since the beginning, but with COVID-19 we were not sure how or even if it would work. We had finally reconnected, and it was being taken away just like that. Luckily we had the most amazing team and mentor, Mr. Moser, to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

To much surprise, students still wanted to join Rampage, and our team is bigger and stronger than ever. We do not have as much luxury with the snacks that often enticed writers to come, but much better we had passion. We met via Zoom to discuss different story ideas and methods of conducting interviews. Editors, in particular, would meet multiple times each month to discuss stories and review detailed articles previously sent in. Although the year was not “normal,” we were able to grow as a club, editors, and friends.

What has been such a blessing is not only both working for the Rampage, but being editors-in-chief together. It has been a highlight of our school careers. While many may not find reading over articles, finding grammatical errors, and chopping it to fit the page the most exciting, it is no exaggeration in saying we had the best time doing it together.

Whether it was blasting Taylor Swift while editing, getting sidetracked by finding Swift’s “easter eggs,” reminiscing on our good ol’ preschool days, or figuring out college applications together, we were able to bond in a way like no other, surrounded by people like no other.

Although we are saddened to be ripped apart once again, we know that throughout our four years in Rampage together we have a bond that is unbreakable no matter the distance. I know that we will forever be each other’s editors for every big paper we have.

To Mr. Moser, thank you for trusting us in being this year’s Rampage Co-Editors-in-Chief. Thank you for your guidance and patience throughout our years. We will never forget the amazing experience. Despite you making us better writers, there are still no words to articulate how incredibly grateful we are for you and the Rampage.

Underclassmen, it is your paper now. We are so excited to continue reading your work and watching you grow. Thank you for your trust in us, we trust that you will continue making us proud .

Your editors,
Bryn Borzillo and Katie O’Callaghan