Canvas an important addition to Spring-Ford


Abby Zawislak, Staff Writer

The past year of school has been hectic and ever-changing with the use of Canvas for virtual and in-person learning. This has truly impacted almost every part of our education system and many people have varying opinions on Canvas.

As we finish off this strange year, it is a great time to reflect on the impact and adaptations we have had to make during the pandemic. Teachers and students have had extremely different views and experiences involving Canvas and how it has impacted them in general.
The general overview of Canvas has mixed responses after the long and draining year we have all had using this system.

On the other hand many people have different opinions on Canvas and the effect it has had on the teaching and education of the students.

“The student laptops are great and allow for continuity in Canvas,” High School Teacher Jennifer Gillespie said. “There were inevitable tech issues such as lagging wifi and problems within Canvas, but overall the experience was a good one. Personally, I found the learning curve to be very steep, but I feel as though this year has provided a great foundation that I can now build upon.”

Gillespie shared her experiences with Canvas and the good and bad aspects of the system. The list of pros includes the availability and easy access of schoolwork and materials. The cons were the internet and limitations caused by any issues occurring with technology.
The general views that students have of Canvas is mixed as well.

“Canvas has helped us all get through this pandemic and allowed us to continue with virtual learning,” freshman Mikayla Dunne said. “Throughout the year, Canvas has slowly grown on me as I have gotten used to learning in this new environment.”

The impact Canvas has had on this school year is incredible and difficult at the same time. This is shown heavily throughout the opinions and views many people have shared.

“Canvas is important to this school year because it has continued to advance us into online learning and the possibilities that come with it,” student Talia Mustaccio said.

The Canvas system has helped develop the online learning system and adapt us into more modern learning with the Chromebooks.
On the other hand, Canvas has also impacted us in negative ways. As we have progressed throughout the year many students have had issues with the internet and submitting problems. There have also been issues with student and teachers interaction and communication.

Overall Canvas has and will continue to have negative and positive impacts on every student and teacher involved, as we continue to learn and adapt with all of the changes.