Goodin says goodbye as Superintendent at Spring-Ford

The district’s superintendent since 2011 resigned to accept a position in North Carolina to be closer to family.


Photo courtesy of lifetouch

Dr. David Goodin resigned, effective Feb. 2, as Spring-Ford Area School District Superintendent. Goodin accepted a superintendent position in North Carolina to be closer to family.

Katie O’Callaghan, Editor in Chief

Spring-Ford Area School District leadership is set to change following Superintendent  Dr. David Goodin’s resignation, effective Feb. 2. After nearly 10 years serving as superintendent at Spring-Ford, Goodin accepted the position of Superintendent of Schools in Sampson County, North Carolina.

“It’s been my pleasure and honor to work in this great district and to lead such a great team of administrators, and an outstanding faculty, and work with the community that was extremely supportive and is extremely supportive of the school district,” Goodin said in a video message recently posted to Ram Country TV. “Together we have done great things here.”

Goodin cited family as a motivator in his return to the South, as he moved from the Carolinas with his family to Pennsylvania in 1987.  Goodin began working at Spring-Ford in 2011.

“I’ve been reminded, during this global pandemic, the importance of family,” Goodin said via a message on the district website. “My family plans to move back to the Carolinas. I’m originally from the South, my mother, children, and grandchildren all still live in the South, and it is important for my family that we spend more time together. Spring-Ford is an exceptional school district in a supportive community. It has been my honor to serve as your Superintendent.”

At Feb. 22’s School Board meeting, the board appointed Assistant Superintendent Robert Rizzo as the Acting Superintendent, effective Feb. 2 through June 30.

Goodin’s great work at the district was honored at a January 11 School Board meeting in which many thanked him for all he has done, wished him well, and reminisced.

Among those on hand was Pennsylvania State Representative from the 146th district and long time Spring-Ford School Board member Joe Ciresi. Ciresi focused on a long list of accomplishments the district has made under Goodin’s direction.

“As I walked through the hallways of the building I looked at all of the accomplishments that happened over the last 10 years,” Ciresi said. “The different things we put up from our graduates and the accomplishments, the Newsweek reports that we had when the district became one of the top districts in the nation. I drove past the 8th Grade Center — the blue ribbon school for the first time ever in the district, the programs we put in place. …We worked extremely hard on what happened with this district to move this district forward as a board, as an administrative team, and it was you at the helm.

“Together as a district you were able to accomplish a great deal, and I’m sorry to see you leave. … Leaving Spring-Ford you leave behind a great legacy.”

School Board President Colleen Zasowski echoed those sentiments as she spoke on behalf of the board.

“Thank you so much again for everything you’ve done here,” Zasowski said. “What you’ve accomplished in 10 years is just incredible. We are very grateful.”

School Board Vice President Tom DiBello mentioned the role that Goodin played in developing a strong administrative and professional staff in the district.

“You over the years have built what I feel is one of the best administrative teams in the area,” DiBello said. “I think that you have always bought in really top administrators. Each one of them has served the district well and helped us continually grow. …

“Over the 10 years being here at Spring-Ford, the accomplishments, when I think back of everything that was achieved during your 10 years, it’s just amazing.”

While it is clear the community has been very touched by Goodin’s work and efforts throughout the years, he made it a point to acknowledge the many people in the district who also make a difference.

“I want to thank my teaching staff who I have the greatest respect for,” Goodin said in his video message. “I also want to thank my administrators for their effort and leadership, and I want to thank all the employees that I’ve gotten to know over the years from our maintenance staff, our custodial staff, our food service folks, our bus contractor and his service to the district.

“There’s just been a lot of great people and it takes a team to make a great district — I can assure you of that. It’s not a one-person operation, it takes a team. And Spring-Ford has been very fortunate to have a solid team over the years.”