Spring-Ford expands in-person learning

Recently started In-Person, 4-Day Model allows students to attend four days a week.


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The Spring-Ford School Board voted Jan. 19 to move students in grades 7-12 from the current In-Person, Hybrid Model to an In-Person, 4-Day Model starting Feb. 4.

Jade Weller, Opinion Editor

The Spring-Ford School Board of School Directors voted Jan. 19 to move students in grades 7-12 from the current In-Person, Hybrid Model to an In-Person, 4-Day Model starting Feb. 4.
The decision presented students and families with the ability to choose one of three learning models:

  • Attend in-person for four days a week, with Wednesday being an asynchronous virtual learning day.
  • Attend virtually five days a week, with Wednesday being asynchronous.
  • Attend the Spring-Ford CyberLearning environment.

A Commitment Form was available to families in Skyward and closed on Jan. 24. The form included information regarding the environment in-person students would expect within the 4-day model. Additionally, there was an emphasis and summary of the safety protocols in order to ensure the protection of all students. Also, a message on the district’s website to students and parents encouraged careful consideration when choosing a learning method.
“The decision to return to In-Person 4-days should not be taken lightly,” the message read. “Please take time to discuss this option with your entire family and have honest conversations with your child about what they will experience when returning 4-days. Given the significant amount of coordination required to facilitate in-person learning and virtual learning simultaneously, families should be prepared to commit to their choice for the school year’s duration.”
For some students, the decision to stay virtual was essential in order for them to feel comfortable within a learning environment.  The decision to offer a virtual option was important for students who personally do not feel ready for the transition to in-person classes.
¨I feel like schools having virtual options is crucial because COVID is still existent,” junior Noah Kim said. “And many people do not want the risk themselves, especially their family, to catch the deadly virus.¨
Though the virtual option is most suitable for some students’ needs, the In-Person, 4-Day Model is the most compatible option for others.
“I believe in-person learning will help me focus more,¨ said junior Makayla Kwiej, who has decided to transition to return for in-person learning. “Overall, I hope I will see more students in-person, however, I know a lot of students who are remaining virtual.”
The transition to the In-Person, 4-Day Model is a large step for the Spring-Ford district during the time of a global pandemic. Safety is the most prominent aspect of the transition for the district, and offering a virtual and in-person option is necessary for providing a comfortable learning environment to all students.