Staying on track as a senior


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Seniors usually deal with lack of motivation in the final year of high school.

I don’t think I have to do this homework, it’s only a few points. Oh, a test next week? It’s okay, I don’t have to study.

The days are moving too slow; why am I feeling so drained? How many more weeks until graduation again?

Senior Year is the long-awaited last lap of our high school years before going off to college and bigger things in our lives. It is a highly anticipated time in student lives that can really decrease the motivation for a senior’s school year.

I have been hit with a serious case of Senioritis, though, as my willingness to do work and maintain my grades have dropped because I know that I will be in college in just a few months.
Waking up and going to class just takes such a huge toll on the body that there is a lack of any energy to be productive, and this can really weaken a student’s motivation. The thought of having to do work strikes high provocation in a senior because Senioritis causes them to just not want to do any assignments.

Moreover, having already been accepted to colleges further increases a senior’s lack of motivation due to the fact that all that is in between college and senior year is just graduation. Keeping up your grades and work ethic is still important as some colleges still look at your yearly progress, and there are many opportunities at the end of Senior Year to be acknowledged for hard work and good grades.
Having been in school for about 13 years really takes a toll on a student, but there are several ways to cope with this decrease in incentive as graduation approaches. Here are a few of my coping mechanisms:

Take it slow.
There still might be many due dates and assessments, but don’t stress yourself out. Keeping a good pace and spanning out the work can help overcome last-minute laziness.

Remember that grades can still matter.

Colleges are not gonna accept a failing student, so still try to maintain the grades but do not think it is the end of the world if you get a bad one.

Do not forget that all this will pass and you will reach graduation.

Continue to work hard until the end and make it a good year.

Before you know it, senior year will come to an end and you will finally turn your tassel and have your diploma in hand, ready to take on new things as your life begins with new opportunities.