Mandalorian a force on Disney+

Series draws acclaim from critics and has fans nostalgic.


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The Mandalorian and “The Child,” who resembles fan favorite Yoda, are pictured in the Disney + Star Wars spin-off “The Mandalorian.”

Jeffrey Crosten, Entertainment Editor

Star Wars spin-offs are, in my opinion, some of the best forms of Star Wars media we have access to.

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and many Star Wars video games are all fun and enjoyable experiences. With the release of Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, came another Star Wars spin off, “The Mandalorian.”

The entirety of season 1 of the Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+, as the season finale was released on December 18th, 2019.

I was somewhat skeptical at first, as I believed it was going to be recycled material from things we’ve already seen before in films, and that this show wasn’t going to have anything interesting to say, or add to the Star Wars Universe.

Thankfully, I was wrong, and just like many other “Star Wars” spin-offs, “The Mandalorian” has its own original, very interesting and unique story to tell.

The Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal, is a bounty hunter who wanders from planet to planet tracking down bounties. He doesn’t speak much, constantly clinging to the values of his creed, which is to honor the beliefs and teachings of the Mandalorians. The time of the show is set after the fall of the Empire in Episode 6, “Return of the Jedi,” but before the events of that take place in Episode 7, “The Force Awakens.”

The first episode involves “Mando” being tasked to track down an asset for a group of former imperials. This asset has become what the Internet has titled as “Baby Yoda” (which the creators have been quick to deny). After a series of events, “Mando” ends up taking the young one under his wing and has to constantly watch out for him when he goes on his adventures.

The Mandalorian takes a lot of inspiration from Westerns and samurai films that had originally influenced George Lucas, the maker of “Star Wars.”

The show gives off a “lone wolf” vibe, so the episodes often contain filler rather than focusing on a main storyline. However, this completely works, and, as stated before, Lucas’s original idea was based off films with mini adventures and small story chunks, rather than focusing too much on a main storyline. I personally enjoy this kind of storytelling.

Pascal, a “Game of Thrones” alum, also does a fantastic job portraying the lone bounty hunter. Despite the fact that his face is covered throughout the show, he still is able to convey emotion well with his acting and the delivery of his lines alone, which is rather impressive.

With good acting, well directed episodes, outstanding visuals expected with Star Wars, along with interesting and unique stories, this show really did deliver and I would highly recommend you give it a watch.