Spring-Ford students and teachers ‘ClassH’ 


Photo courtesy of "The ClassH-Room."

Teachers and student join host Richard Curtis for a taping of Fox29’s “The ClassH-Room.” The teachers defeated the students to win $500 for student scholarships.

Amanda Huxta, Staff Writer

Spring-Ford students saw peers and teachers go head-to-head on the Fox 29’s “ClassH-Room” on Tuesday, Jan. 15

 The game show presents two teams, composed of three students and teachers each, who answer school subject questions to win $500.

The teachers pulled off a comeback victory in the “final exam” portion of the contest, getting two out of the three questions correct. For the victory, the teachers earned funds for a student scholarship.

The show’s host is Souderton High School teacher Richard Curtis, a lively and excited broadcaster who brings an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Twists on the show include putting an opposite team member in “detention,” which makes them unable to answer questions.

And yes, students were allowed to put their own teachers into “detention” too.

Contestants included Lizzie Powers, Maclen Lewis, and Grace Butler representing the student team. The teacher’s team featured math teacher Jeramie Iannelli, history teacher Neil Rutter, and English teacher Margaret Giannetto.

Not only were Spring-Ford representatives on the stage, they also filled the audience. Contestant students and teachers brought their families, and several of the Broadcasting students and teachers attended as well.

The experience offered a rich experience to see a real TV studio and show off Spring-Ford pride.

“It was cool to see the spirit and pride our school has,” said Power, a junior contestant. “We definitely had the biggest turnout of parents, teachers, and students compared to the other schools filming that day.”

While the students had a lot of fun competing on the show, the teachers enjoyed the experience as well.

“We had a really good group of people – totally into it,” Iannelli said. “Me and the other teachers tried to be as enthusiastic and cringey as possible.”

“ClassH-Room” seems to have it all, and it even allows viewers at home a chance to win some cash. Curtis will toss out a Trivia Question of the Day, and the person who answers it online will win the same $500 as that night’s contestants.

Those who missed the first airing can catch videos of the show on the ClassH-Room’s YouTube page soon. Any trivia, game show, or Spring-Ford enthusiast is recommended to tune in and watch the selected teachers and students face off.