Does Disney+ score an A+?


Photo courtesy of Disney

Disney+ offers fans plenty of old and new Disney features.

Rumaan Hashmi, Editor in Chief

The world of online streaming has taken over the lives of people as watching movies and shows for a small price easily provides entertainment and enjoyment for individuals of all ages.
The question comes down to which of these streaming services is the best offer whilst giving the cheapest price and most variety of films and television series?
The most popular service seems to be Netflix, because for only a few dollars a month you are able to easily entertain yourself with a large assortment of movies and TV options, and all without any ads! However, with that said, there seems to be little that can compare to the thrilling action that the Marvel Universe gives and the nostalgia that Disney films elicit, creating an increase in excitement and hype for the new streaming service that is on the rise, Disney+ .
This new digital trend, only $6.99 a month, will give viewers access to the expansive Disney World, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This includes all previous films, present films, old cartoons, and new and upcoming movies as well as shows that will be exclusive only to Disney+.
Ranging from the classic animations of Sleeping Beauty to the upcoming Frozen 2, all will be available to watch when the service is released on November 12th. There will also be new, original reboots of the throwback shows that everyone loves, such as the new High School Musical show, and the comeback of Lizzie McGuire.
Additionally, for its small price, Disney+ consists of impressive 4K video quality and resolution that will increase the color and clarity of the world that comes to life on your television.
Despite the long list of positives to this new service, some adults may steer away from Disney+, as the content it includes does not cross the boundaries of PG-13 ratings, so some Marvel movies that one may expect on Disney+ will not actually be available.
Also, in order to view and own Disney+, one must already own some type of streaming device, such as Apple TV, Samsung TV, or Roku.
Finally, there comes the question of whether or not purchasing Disney+ is worth it, especially when one already owns an alternate program, such as Netflix. All of these programs provide various means of viewing for all ages, and each program has its own unique experience; therefore, it really depends on one’s own opinions and preferences when it comes to choosing a form of entertainment.