Editorial: Spring-Ford’s best ‘Week’ ever


Eshika Seth / Photo Editor

Spring-Ford juniors Corrine Ferko (from left), Lucy Olsen, and Molly Thomas celebrate at the Pep Rally during Spirit Week.

Sam Thomas, Opinion Editor

Spirit Week at Spring-Ford. It’s the only time you can look around the hallways and see clowns, Mario Kart characters, and Energizer bunnies walking to class together.
Spirit Week is all about participation. Along with the class percentages that are tracked throughout the week, it’s easy to look around the halls and see the immense spirit in the student body, all culminating in the pep rally at the end of the week. It’s a time to feel like everyone is a part of a collective community, rather than just a school.
How do students really feel about Spirit Week? They love it.
“The school feels alive,” said senior Devon Pytel.
All the talk surrounding Spirit Week boils down to one simple thing: it’s the best week of the year. Loved by students and teachers alike, Spirit Week is a time to wear ridiculous and fun outfits that you would normally never see in the hallways. Also, students like to come up with the most clever, creative, and unique outfits in order to win the “Best” award from that day.
“It’s something I always look forward to,” said senior Sanjana Chatterjee. “I love seeing the whole school dress up together.”
In the weeks, and even months, leading up to Spirit Week, plans are being made for ideas, themes, and outfits. Trying to whip something up the weekend before Spirit Week is not an option.
This added preparation allows students to make outrageous and unique costumes, like the aquariums seen this Spirit Week, or the lanternflies last Spirit Week. It’s always interesting to see what students come up with.
Spirit Week is also a great chance for fundraisers. The Interact club holds their annual canned food drive during Spirit Week, counting up the cans and adding points to each class’s total spirit score. Spring-Ford’s school spirit can be channeled into community service, allowing us to give back while enjoying ourselves.
Some may argue that Spirit Week is too expensive, or puts too much pressure on students to spend money on crazy costumes. However, there are many amazing outfits that can be made by simple, cheap supplies, or even supplies you may already have! For example, the Scooby-Doo characters have simple outfits, but they are fun costumes.
All in all, Spring-Ford loves its Spirit Week. It’s the best time for students to show their creativity and have a great time, while helping the community. Sadly, the exciting week only comes once a year, but when it does, it’s enjoyed by everyone.