Verdict on hallway traffic still out


Staff Photo

Students make their way to class through the newly constructed hallway at Spring-Ford.

Jackie Vickery , Staff Writer

The bell rings. The hallways fill up with students, backpacks, and chatter.
Eager students rush to get to their next class, but they face their greatest enemy — slow walkers and heavy hallway traffic.
To help alleviate this recurring dilemma, Spring-Ford built a new addition to aid the traffic and accommodate student needs.
Everyone was filled with excitement when they heard the news that Spring-Ford was spending money to help with an issue that each and every student faced everyday.
How has it been so far? Opinions vary.
“It is slightly better depending on where you want to go,” stated senior Julianna Perri, who has dealt with Spring-Ford hallway traffic for years.
It is pretty evident that the new hallways have some minor issues, but nothing that can’t be fixed. For example, the directional rules that were established due to the new hallway being built. As of this year, students can only walk one way in the old hallway, and the new hallway can be used in both directions.
“I don’t love it just because it gets really crammed in the old hallway,” senior Lindsay Edwards said. “Especially the directional thing, that doesn’t work because people have to cross over.”
Although the new hallway does have its disadvantages, many sophomores have different opinions on the discussion.
“I use the new hallway every day to get to my art classes because it is less time consuming,” Amber Campbell stated.
Personally, I do like the new hallway because it is spacious. You aren’t running into people as you are trying to rush to class. And most students have the same opinion.
“It’s very wide and less crowded than the other hallway,” Hannah Bender added.
The problem facing most students is that while the addition helps reduce the traffic on the sophomore/junior side, the traffic on the senior wing is a whole different story.
“I think the purpose was to reduce the masses of people in the halls…I think to an extent it did with the traffic on the one wing of the school,” said Edwards. “But, at the senior wing, it is much more crowded than before.”
On the other hand, since more and more students are using the new hallway everyday some people such as Emma Galati appreciate the new hallway because, “Not all the students are going through just one hallway.”
So to answer the question that’s been burning in the back of student minds, has the new addition helped the flow of traffic and was it a good investment?
There’s some good and there’s some bad so far. Time will tell in the long run.