Spirit Week takes a team

Administrators, custodial staff, and teachers help make Spirit Week possible.


Staff Photo

Students celebrate during the Pep Rally on the final day of Spirit Week. Flexibility with scheduling and use of the gym help make the week special for students.

By Brooke McGettigan, Staff Writer

Feathers float around the corners of classrooms, sparkles coat the gym floor, school spirit is at its peak…this can only mean one thing.
Spirit Week has finally arrived.
After long nights of creating costumes, and many last minute orders from Amazon Prime, the time has finally come.
There’s no doubt that many high school students look forward to the week leading up to homecoming. Students finally have the chance to express themselves and show off their unique outfits, and some teachers participate too. If you’re a student here at Spring-Ford your aware of the mess left from Spirit Week, but who cleans this all up?
As high schoolers know, the pep rally usually leaves the gymnasium looking like a warzone, but what happens once everyone is dismissed at 2:20?
You’d be hard-pressed to find another person who loves the gym floor more than Athletic Director Mickey McDaniel.
“I love the pep rally, however glitter and sparkles aren’t permitted on design, so that’s a rule, but I just love the pep rally, its awesome
It’s reassuring to know that McDaniel shared the same enthusiasm about the pep rally, as many students do.
At Spring-Ford we have such a great staff and there’s no doubt that they’ve had plenty of experience with this crazy week. The custodial staff has done a tremendous job over the years making the school look fantastic.
“Well look at the school today’ a few days after the homecoming activities,” 11th-Grade House Principal Jeff Kollar said. “They really do a good job, and, quite honestly, almost all of that is done by Saturday.”
Part of the nature of Spirit Week is for students to be respectful and responsible.
“I look forward to Spirit Week, but it also worries me to death,” Kollar said. “We give kids more latitude than we usually do, and their kids being kids by nature sometimes go further than we want them to go.”
Overall, Spirit week is a fun time for all and with the help of our wonderful staff at Spring-Ford we can continue this exciting time for years to come.